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ID 85468

Joaquin Dufeu

Founder of GiveO2. Student of 6th year of Industrial Engineering with an IT major at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. National Score in PSU Math 2006.

ID 579883

Felipe Alfonso González

Multimedia Producer, worked in IT as a Web developer for a long time. Now Focused to work as a Community manager.

ID 248564

Jeetu Melwani

Founder of @slashview-com, ready to take the indian E-commerce market by storm. World-class business, technology and consulting background.

ID 28598

Luis Gonzalez

Founder @interconnecta-1. Created startups in USA, UK, Japan, Chile. Ran lead generation for IBM, SAP, Oracle, @emc. B2B Tech Sales. US Marine Veteran. Love startup

ID 541856

Patricio Ibarra

MSc in Marketing and BSc in Business Administration

ID 24102

Andres Barreto


Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of @onswipe @grooveshark @pulsosocial @socialatom-ventures

ID 256847

Saheed Badmus

Founder at @busquedafacil and @bover Economics and Finance Degree from @university of Maryland. Startup Chile 2013 Alumni. Mobile focused.

ID 8019

Paolo Privitera


@pick1 CEO "Know Your Customers" part of @startupchile @500startups - Polyhedric Human Network Router & Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth

ID 274580

Ian Oliver

Founder @buena-vida-chile, @in-a-box-ltd-hk

ID 333311

Jorge Riquelme Cruz

Founder @mediotrabajo.

ID 59669

Hank Ryan Thompson

CEO/Co-Founder of @knowledgestreem. Electrical engineer & veteran software developer. Previously managed sales & marketing technical operations for @granicus Inc.

ID 27591

Ronaldo Bahia

I'm the founder of Pesquisa Vagas and JobConvo. I love to play guitar and Brazilian music. I love to learn and create things.

ID 61851

[email protected]

CEO & Founder @bigbang-travel * Industrial Engineer. Founder of Lindsay&Partners * Co-founder of BookingMarkets (B2B), @letmego (B2C), and Localo (B2C).

ID 100296

Alex Shoer

Founder of @seeder-cc, e8 Resources and @appjamm. Board member at Creative Word and Image and US-China Yachting. China Accelerator & Start-up Chile graduate.

ID 51603

Petar Vujosevic

Co-Founder @gapjumpers; 8+ years international marketing, media and advertising experience in Europe LATAM and Middle East;

ID 138659

Ziya Cemre Kutluay

Idea farmer, team builder, co-founder.

ID 261786

Arturo Meza

Founder @magnolia • Worked at @groupon, @mckinsey-company

ID 59912

Cristhoper Jaña Iturra

Software Engineer. B Sc Electronics Engineering at UTFSM.

ID 365662

Cristian Elgueta

CD at Cuiker. Engineer, seasoned Chief Developer and IT platform. Hacker on my own.

ID 248565

Darren Camas

Founder @work4ce-me • formerly New Business Development at @tradehill • Corporate GM by 24

ID 496335

Jake Strich

Adventurous, entrepreneurial, risk-taker. Working in Latin America via Start-up Chile. Cal Poly grad, June 2012.

ID 365341

Gautam Rao

Co-Founder, Zestbuds • Volunteer, Traveller & Writer. Worked at @barclays-capital. Previously worked on several educational projects and ventures. Well travelled (26 countries).

ID 538684

Elio Finzi

Industrial Engineer with experience in Telecommunications and Manufacturing businesses.

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