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ID 24070

Patrick Dugan

Fmr. Game Designer at Crowdstar, Vostu; Co-founder, Playhopper, Play This Thing!

ID 5614

Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @the-next-web. Judge @startupchile. @rockstart alumni.

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 52085

Jean Boudeguer


Co-Founder at, crowdlending company in Latam. Founding Director of @startupchile.

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 24102

Andres Barreto


Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of @onswipe @grooveshark @pulsosocial @socialatom-ventures

ID 405600

Drew Beaurline

Founder @construct-2 • Product Manager @safer-taxi, @techstars Alumni w/ @fetchnotes, Research Lead @World Startup Report

ID 7731

Mauro Trigo

Co-founder @cityheroes, using technology to build safer cities. Co-founder @amerpages, America's largest businesses directories.

ID 34765

Sarah Friedlander

"Jane"-of-all-trades marketing professional looking to help you rock your startup. Previously worked at @apple, @adobe-systems and @mozilla

ID 81896

Noah Aron

builder and climber of large things. CEO @trovali, • Director, Biz Dev @crowdflower • @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @hult-international-business-school

ID 98177

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

Co-founder of @floqq(invested by @500startups), the biggest marketplace for online video courses in LATAM. CS Engineer. @ucberkeley Alumni. 3 Companies founded

ID 87426

Paolo Colonnello


Founder of @bligoo biggest blogging platform in Latam.

ID 188899

Ari Dukes

Founded Finciero • Works at @google, @kayak • Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @university-of-chile

ID 1497

Seba Gamboa

Natural Born Hacker. Founder and CTO of @welcu

ID 8019

Paolo Privitera


@pick1 CEO "Know Your Customers" part of @startupchile @500startups - Polyhedric Human Network Router & Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth

ID 27971

Paige Brown

Co-Founder and CEO of @dashbell. Founder of @tripeezy and @couture-escapes. Travel Industry Fanatic. Entrepreneur.

ID 175275

Maximiliano De Muro


Tech entrepreneur, advisor, intrapreneur and executive

ID 125119

Joaquin Ayuso de Paul


Founder @kuapay, @tuenti-technologies • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 8797

Jonathan Nelson


Hacking Silicon Valley. Founder @hackers_and_founders

ID 79232

Francisco Berroeta

B.S. Commercial Engineering - M.S. Marketing. +7 years of experience in retail companies, telecommunications and consumer needs. Co-Founder @williing @obzes-com @mentego

ID 287942

Borja Burgos

Founder Tutum • Worked at @capgemini, @wells-fargo • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @georgia-institute-of-technology, University of Hyogo

ID 140211

Evan Shoemaker

Co-Founder of @student-loan-hero

ID 248434

Kristi Rosenberg

Co-founder & CMO @; Fashion & PR Event Organizer; BA Political Science; #Running #Xdream Sports #Triathlon

ID 107071

Alejandro Russo

CEO of @klooff • @techstars NYC • Founded and sold @soy-gourmet • Worked at @merrill-lynch

ID 85330

Federico Schiano di Pepe


Co-Founder/Pirate at @cocontest - 1st Crowdsourcing Platform for Interior Design - 3D printing, Internet of Things, Singularity, Design - Speed of Dreams

ID 103671

Felipe Millan

Founder @biletu, @guubie • Studied at @life-university

ID 70409

Shai Rosen

Founder @suggestic

ID 319582

Nico Brenner

Founder @medularis, @fosubo • Worked at @needish

ID 104998

Benjamin A. Cohen

CEO @tohl. Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Engineer, and Value Investor. Studied at Georgia Institute of Technology. Life is too good!!

ID 66552

Arnon Kohavi


Founder at Yarden Ventures

ID 87256

Jay Prince

Accomplished engineer, autodidact, entrepreneur. Lately doing iOS development and building a scalable web platform in Erlang & Elixir.

ID 107999

Leo Prieto

Currently CXO and Founder @betazeta. Founder of @FayerWayer, most influential blog in spanish. First startup @imagemaker out of high school at age 15 in 1996.

ID 48700

Pablo Ambram

3 times entrepreneur. Economist, strong financial background. Wharton. +10 years programming experience as well. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.

ID 43917

Ignacio Bugueño

Enrepreneur. Founder at @routershare.& @general-network-computers.

ID 106184

Massimo Scapini

CEO at bNapkin

ID 213881

Matias Menafra

CTO at @medko

ID 104259

Roberto Musso

President at Digevo Group. Cofounder of +20 Startups, including STI, sold to Union Fenosa, and AxonAxis, sold to Equifax. Focused in mobile space in Latam.

ID 120573

Filippo Schiano di Pepe


Co founder @cocontest I am an architect,3d printing & Internet of things. My goal is make the technology and new service affordable and accessible for all

ID 122361

Gabriela Sanchez

a DOer. Changing the life of latin woman.

ID 65231

Frederico Camara

Co-Founder of @wegoout. Owner and Business Developer at Blip. Technical director at Daydream. UX team leader at @nokia-siemens-networks.

ID 73237

Hemanth Satyanarayana

CEO of @imaginate, Augmented Reality Company | IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Alumnus | MIT TR35 Winner | Start-Up Chile Alumnus | Inventor of Patents

ID 90538

David Alvo

CEO & Founder of @lookup. @founder-institute grad. @nxtp-labs entrepreneur.

ID 125803

Vitor Peçanha

Co-founder at Rock Content, Startup Chile Alum

ID 96952

Francisco Saez Cerda

They say I'm an entrepreneur. Co-Founder and CEO at Nixter.

ID 178206

Alejandro Harcha

CEO of Six years entrepreneur, background in business development and digital marketing. Start-up Chile Alumni.

ID 44446

Patrick Kedziora

Founder/CEO of @kedzoh. Founder at @1-800-bonbons and @fatdrive. Former CFO and COO. Executive, Advisor and Board Member at early stage companies.

ID 313253

Saurabh Mathur

Co-Founder/CEO at Motorpaneer. Ex @slideshare, @webchutney. Previously founded Noobjob Interactive and Co-founded Hash Include

ID 100756

Carlos Rivera

Cofounder of PayAllies; Worked at HP Labs, Microsoft and Hydra-Tech.

ID 132124

Cristina Palacios Goddard

Socia fundadora de @aventones.

ID 200878

Magdalena Szuszkiewicz

Founder of @inaika, currently in the Start-up Chile Accelerator based in Santiago. Rigorous world-class business background (BCG, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Orange Business Services, Glomark) and Entrepreneurial experience (Groupon)

ID 8674

Rich Yang

Founder of Street Mosaic. 3rd startup, 2nd in tourism. Strategy background (Deloitte). 5 languages. Lived in 8 countries (2 BRICS). IE MBA (#7 FT)

ID 12426

Ernesto Tagwerker

Rubyist. Co-Founder @ombushop. Software Engineer. Co-Founded @aycron (2008)

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. 2 time travel-tech entrepreneur. Former mgmt consultant. Travel nerd with a business background.

ID 59192

Michael Thelen

Co-Founder @edmond. Crazy about financial democratization via digital platforms. Worked at @hudson-bankers, @cashnetusa-com, @goldman-sachs, & @morgan-stanley.

ID 75616

Beatriz Cardona

Co-founder & CEO at Kuotus. I'm a multimedia Engineer and Executive MBA from @iese-business-school-2 School. +12 experience in the IT industry. Ellas 2.0 management team.

ID 169555

Pablo Saba

Founder of @vite • Incubated by @startupchile • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 289359

Nicolas Bohorquez Gutierrez

Founder Oppten • Founder @Alephsa, Worked at @letmego Strong public policies and open source software background

ID 107078

Nick Trajtman

Founder @klooff, @soy-gourmet • Worked at @banco-santander, @forex-capital-markets

ID 100296

Alex Shoer

Founder of @seeder-cc, e8 Resources and @appjamm. Board member at Creative Word and Image and US-China Yachting. China Accelerator & Start-up Chile graduate.

ID 93109

Leonardo de la Fuente

CS & Engineering drop out in my last year to focus all my energy on disrupting education. CEO & founder of @edoome. @startupchile & @imagine-k12 alumnus.

ID 320304

Chris Palmer

Founder of @boxfox, part of @startupchile, formerly a @y-combinator finalist and Orr Fellow.

ID 15831

Pablo Sabbatella

Founder of @buscoturno. Economy student. Entrepreneur since 14. I love technology, business & innovation. Founded @nightclubber, @hackemate, @enfoque21

ID 328237

Jennifer Blumberg

Founder @kamego (custom web apps for non-profit/government sectors). Former @the-parthenon-group (management consulting). @harvard-university grad.

ID 106577

German Larrain

Founder & CTO of @lookup. Engineer PUC Chile 2011.

ID 256847

Saheed Badmus

Founder at @busquedafacil and @bover Economics and Finance Degree from @university of Maryland. Startup Chile 2013 Alumni. Mobile focused.

ID 149186

Daniel Lopez Rivas

Founder @powl, worked at @groupon, @needish, Studied at @duoc-uc

ID 74173

Royce Fullerton

Co-Founder of @nobly | Hacker | Ex-Consultant | 10+ years Development Experience | Global Citizen

ID 107247

Alec Manfre

Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology; Experience in Smart Grid, microelectronics, and human centered design. Front-end developer, with experience in ZigBee networking.

ID 106368

Salvador de la Barrera

Founder of @flipter. 2011 Asia's Top 50 apps, Winner of the Hong Kong Cyberport Creative Microfund, SLP Fellow.

ID 60019

Karla Lopez

Especializada em matar um leão por dia Connector of dots

ID 178746

Andres Gottlieb

Co-Founder, Lead Developer & CTO @noisegrasp • Studied Computer Science • Worked at @microsoft & @cuponatic Co-Founded @vendly & @rescon

ID 27608

Helder Ribeiro

Founder @ Meleva, previously Country Manager Brazil at @qype, Computer Engineering at Unicamp.

ID 94908


Founder @targeter-app & @hogar-impeque • Formerly first employee @wingify • Previously started an ecommerce business.

ID 61851

[email protected]

CEO & Founder @bigbang-travel * Industrial Engineer. Founder of Lindsay&Partners * Co-founder of BookingMarkets (B2B), @letmego (B2C), and Localo (B2C).

ID 126286

Gael Guillet

Marketing guy @linkie. Repeat entrepreneur (@scribz, @walldress). Full-stack business developer and trilingual storyteller.

ID 365341

Gautam Rao

Co-Founder, Zestbuds • Volunteer, Traveller & Writer. Worked at @barclays-capital. Previously worked on several educational projects and ventures. Well travelled (26 countries).

ID 274006

Laís de Oliveira

Marketing Assistant at @nxtp-labs

ID 45433

Kedar Iyer

Co-founder + Collaborator at @gapjumpers. Creating meritocracy in the talent spotting.

ID 109453

Michael McCabe

Co-founder SimpleCrew - currently in Start Up Chile - former Seattle Techstars Hackstar

ID 185075

Aljosha Novakovic

Founder of Medko, Connecting Patients to Doctors • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 351102

Elliott Verreault

Founder of

ID 53491

Luis Loaiza

Co-founder & CTO @ Criptext. Hacker and trouble maker.

ID 394484

Jean-Michel Beaudoin

Founder MissingLINK • Worked at @nokia • Studied at @mcgill-university, @hec-montreal

ID 182815

Simon Papineau

Founder of the Crowdsourced Testing company • Worked at @gameloft • Studied at @hec-montreal

ID 208112

Sara Maria Spiller

Master's in Economics (Cologne) and International Management (HEC Paris). 10 yrs in networking/conference industry incl. CEO in Berlin and NYC. Founded manetch.

ID 7554

Stefan Krafft

Entrepreneur - Marketer - Father - Proud co-founder of @listandtell @ecomote and partner of @leadsius Love good ideas, AIK and redwine.

ID 163786

Pranay Krishen

Founder @ecoswarm, @cloudgrid

ID 326291

Ilaria Raniero

Co-Founder WhereInFair | Entrepreneur at StartUp Chile | Engineer | Previously: Lean Supply Chain expert for multinational companies in USA,China,Israel & Italy

ID 53647

Ian Ozsvald

Artificial Intelligence researcher in industry, CEO @strongsteam, author of High Performance Python and The Screencasting Handbook

ID 317491

Fabio Cantoni

Co-Founder @tradegig • Studied at @university-mi-bicocca

ID 87911

Scott Roehrick

Founder @impactflo • Worked at @nmbul • Sustainable Development and Economics at @university-of-california-san-diego • Chasing dreams of changing the world at @startupchile

ID 312304

Gonzalo Lara

Co-Founder of @vendobots. Over 6 years creating and participing in digital media, seeking to improve how users comunicate and interact with technology.

ID 75556

Marcos Rivas

Co Founder & CEO Start Up Tech Hub. Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Projects Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies (ACTI)

ID 105846

Luis Videla

Software Developer 15+ years experience. As entrepreneur co-Founder at KloudCatch, @i-meet & @pptvivo.

ID 326266

Sarah Raniero

Co-founder and CEO at WhereInFair; previously in Venture Capital; Product Manager for tech--start-up in China; Industrial and Systems Engineering

ID 108936

Frederico Skwara

Founder @streetinvestor, @goingtalk

ID 293547

Néstor Carrasco L.

Founder of @starterdaily, @now-talks and developing @deskoop.

ID 24633

Brenna Loury

Media & tech loving Coloradoan living in Chile w/ a penchant for all things Norwegian. Former @startupchile staff– now, independently PRing for tech startups and Todoist.

ID 173419

Uday Bansal

Founder and CEO of @skybulls Strategy consultant turned entrepreneur Alumni @kpmg @london-business-school School @aiesec

ID 28598

Luis Gonzalez

Founder @interconnecta-1. Created startups in USA, UK, Japan, Chile. Ran lead generation for IBM, SAP, Oracle, @emc. B2B Tech Sales. US Marine Veteran. Love startup

ID 148180

Jordi Casanueva


ID 255462

Israel Salmen

CEO and Founder of @meliuz. Serial Entrepreneur, strong business background, graduated in Economics and expert in SEO. @Start-Up Chile entrepreneur.

ID 156799

Siva (Shiv) Rajendran

Founder @totus-power • Studied at @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university

ID 315553

Humberto Moreira

Co-founder & CEO at @wanna-migrate-1

ID 289425

Carlos Rohrer

CEO @terviu, Advisor @pegyx • @founder-institute grad. • Worked at, @groupon-latam, @correoschile

ID 111003

Angelo Cabrera

CTO & Co-Founder of @bigbang-travel

ID 67334

Franco Capurro

Founder @caaapital & @onekey-ventures. Experience: Fundraising & Consulting in 3 continents. Studied @babson-college @zhejiang-university-of-technology

ID 27591

Ronaldo Bahia

I'm the founder of Pesquisa Vagas and JobConvo. I love to play guitar and Brazilian music. I love to learn and create things.

ID 313369

PJ Frayne

Tenacious Entrepreneur • Founder @thesedge-org, @zumbido-creative-inc • Worked at @business-development-bank-of-canada • Studied at @mount-royal-university-1

ID 79658

Ricardo Dorado

Entrepreneur and advisor of StartUps, former executive at @groupalia, @spinvox, @telefonica

ID 246429

Rodolfo Berríos

Founder of Junkstr and Chevereto.

ID 248564

Jeetu Melwani

Founder of @slashview-com, ready to take the indian E-commerce market by storm. World-class business, technology and consulting background.

ID 289274

Jaime Alberto García López

Founder @midas-solutions • Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-y-de-estudios-superiores-de-monterrey. Alumnus @startupchile and @appcampus

ID 59669

Hank Ryan Thompson

CEO/Co-Founder of @knowledgestreem. Electrical engineer & veteran software developer. Previously managed sales & marketing technical operations for @granicus Inc.

ID 248565

Darren Camas

Founder @work4ce-me • formerly New Business Development at @tradehill • Corporate GM by 24

ID 158491

Patrick Henze

Founder and Managing Director of Smart Media Inventions. Strong business background of the entire internet industry (Microsoft) and IT industry (Oracle).

ID 94526

Jeremy Einhorn

COO of Koru. Lead sales associate at Medcan. Started PR firm that was acquired. Ran Canada's top biz plan comp. Business, @queen-s-university University.

ID 212390

Uri Martinich

Founder & CEO of Have founded several companies: Simpleweb, Letsgochile, ROI, among others.

ID 111024

Roberto Allende

Entrepreneur and Software Developer. Since 2004 I cofounded 3 companies where I was CEO or CTO and also I co-started and lead several non profit initiatives.

ID 60284

Robert Blessing

CEO / Founder of @localguiding, worked as a tour guide himself, business administration and marketing background

ID 390111

Edgardo Andres Lobos Gonzalez

Founder and CEO of Bableonaut / Mass market solution creator / Hyper-focused entrepreneurial.

ID 185335

Pradeep Kumar

Founder, @paceable • Founded @foodkhoj, final year of college • Worked at @jobaphiles (@dreamit Ventures 2009), sophomore year of college

ID 327253

Anna Tamburini

Chief Strategy Officer @whereinfair, dedicated to Data and Business Dev; previously worked in the events' industry and as entreprenuer; background in Economy

ID 291708

Brien Shanahan

Co-Founder of LatAm Buses, an online marketplace for bus tickets in Latin America. Founder of SEO4Advisors, leading SEO company for financial advisors.

ID 65869

David Troya

Founder @glamping-hub

ID 169949

Dan Beaulieu

Co-founder @kuotus • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst • Software and Product Development • Tech Leadership

ID 108146

Roberto Burgos

BArch, MSc Cities London School of Economics. CEO and Founder of @citisent-1 , a collaborative platform for online social studies.

ID 108054

Roxane Castelein

CFO @vidsy-tv - manage video content for your entire community

ID 104277

Greg Little

Darden Business School @ @university-of-virginia; Strategy & finance. Strong tech and bio bkgrd. Fluent Spanish, basic Mandarin. Worked in Biotech, Tech, Chemicals, Real Estate.

ID 36644

Raj Uttamchandani

Founder & Director @eximforce.

ID 86318

Cristian Ocampo

Founder&Pleisman @pleisment, a marketing platform that helps brands to reach segmented audiences through social networks influencers

ID 297263

Sergio Del Río Díaz

Passionate about technology and design, hard worker. Studies: Exponential Technologies (NASA), Design:(ITESM and IED). Founded 3 companies and 3 social projects

ID 159183

Matthew Woodhams

Over 7 years of experience in digital business and tendencies, founder of @vendobots, @medialabs and @multimedial. Degree from @universidad-del-pacifico

ID 50623

Ivan Aravena

Social Entrepassionpreneur - What if & Make it count believer - Co Founder of @lukkin, @reently and @TheDreamsLab

ID 163688

George Cadena

Founder @studiosnaps-1 • Bell Labs Fellow • Worked at @exponent, AT&T Labs, Bell Labs • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 24775

Jacklyn Giron

Co-Founder of; formerly worked in financial data and analytics at S&P doing Business Development

ID 32961

Juan José Lizama Ovalle

Founder @suipit (looking for a investor). I founded @metrik 5 years ago (Innovation). Engineer. I love reading: Roberto Bolaño and Alejandro Zambra.

ID 86273

Nicolás Jurado

4 years of professional experience, Marketing industry, e-commerce. Experience in the evaluation and implementation of national and international projects.

ID 344301

Rodrigo Alonso

Founder and CEO at FlierWall. Engineer, seasoned developer,former CEO Microsoft Chile, serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits and 2 failures.

ID 428648

Austin DeLonge

Business Delevopment Manager at, Worked at Factset Research Systems and Northwestern Mutual, Studied Business Administration at University of Vermont

ID 167861

Danilo Durazzo

Founder @Unicoapp @GFDD Group , @roundrate • Studied Economics at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 109864

Jen Peck

Co-founder at @loogla-1. Background in eLearning and Instructional design, Project Management for educational giants McGraw-Hill and Pearson.

ID 274580

Ian Oliver

Founder @buena-vida-chile, @in-a-box-ltd-hk

ID 273451

Sergio Nouvel

UX/innovation strategist, blogger, co-Founder of @get-on-board and @iguols.

ID 210453

maria zuniga

Founder Learning Shift • Worked at @university-of-chile-1 • Studied at @university-of-chile Teacher, learner, wife, dog owner, tech lover, entrepreneur

ID 233985

Geet Khosla

Founded GVK Internships (sold in 2012). I have worked in Fashion, Healthcare, Marketing/PR, Consulting and Tech. I'm on to my next challenge - Health Tech!

ID 106794

James R.B. Rimmer

Co-Founder at @contractor-copilot.

ID 363931

Ivan Kruze

CTO of Uanbai, platform that enables one click purchases in Social Networks, founder of Tridente and Strategica TI, Computer Science Engineer (UACh) 2005

ID 406437

Leandro Ostera

Director of Engineering @HabeasCorp. Frmr Web Engineer @clevertech. #JavaScripter. #UNIX philosopher.

ID 256521

Jorge Sáez Merino

Founder & CEO Deppor SpA. @founder-institute graduate in Founder Institute Chile and Physical Education Teacher.

ID 111521

Chris Lukic

Founder of Smashrun and NYonTap. 14yrs of programming experience. Engineered senior management dashboards & trading systems for JPMorgan, Chase, Merrill Lynch.

ID 224755

Juan Manuel Lucero

Senior Online Marketer, Branding & traffic generation expert. Experienced entrepreneur.

ID 71348

Tiago Pais

CTO and Chief Winemaker at @Easy Vino

ID 192006

Bruno Lima

Big Data, crawler and scrapper specialist Founder and CTO @ WannaMigrate Co-Founder @ Masters in Computer Science by PUC-Rio

ID 250797

Ben Bunk

Founded @stupil and @bakesale. 5+ years in @Scaling and @security for large scale websites. Expert @drupal.

ID 184700

Alan Earle

Founder and CEO Manga Corta, Spreadshirt of LATAM. Founder of LaComparto, attract visits to you ecommerce through recommendations. Born to create.

ID 283404

Romain Chavoutier

Marketing and Business Development Associate @simplecrew Student @escp-europe-1 and @Supélec

ID 53335

Gabriela Mejia

Entrepreneur, Co Founder @ewy Master in Tourism and Sustainable Development, Start Up CHile Alumni, writer, ninja Traveler, running lean

ID 65338

Javier Gramajo López

Global scholar, fellow, published across 3 continents on a dozen R&D projects. MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Social networking historian and guru.

ID 296077

Cristian Ferrari

Founder of Volta and co-founder of Rhyboo. Lead interface & interaction designer & front-end developer.

ID 287327

Andres Garcia

KeyEffx Studios co-founder. Strong strategist with experience in Financial Services in the US. And Start Ups in Latin America. MBA with Engineering background.

ID 102863

Ryan Chacon

Founder Stupil • Studied at @salisbury • Founded Knollege in graduate school (no longer live) • Strong business background --MBA graduate •

ID 191008

Peter Newhook

Co-founder in the 5th wave of Start-Up Chile. Runner. Above-median.

ID 315536

Robert O'Shaughnessy

Founded Reverbeo. Has a history of successful small startups.

ID 397783

Pedro Santiago

Founder @yoozon, @lab28. Studied at @ibmec. Full Stack Developer and passionate entrepeneur.

ID 460921

Simon J. Narli

Co-Founder of @recorrido • Worked at @dekabank, @continental-automotive

ID 109808

Kyran Dale

PhD from University of Sussex. Co-founded @showmedo-com (educational videos for Open-source software) and (AI as a web-service).

ID 65300

Adrian Fisher

CEO of PropiedadFacil. Product designer and entrepreneur with experience in Latin America.

ID 463029

Gadiel Stern

Founder Alfombra Mágica • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 251205

Federico Rodríguez

CFO and co-founder of @luqit • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica, Chile.

ID 210463

Niels Vugteveen

Proud founder of - Ready to revolutionize the online freelance market

ID 84778

Jorge Chartier

Founder of GiveO2. Student of Industrial Engineering with an IT major at PUC.

ID 351477

Carolina De La Maza

Founder @let-s-jock and @Masport, B&A from @pontificia-universidad-catolica; works at @co-work Worked at @kimberly-clark; Worked at @Gatorade

ID 113591

Ramiro Tenorio

CEO, specialized in online video solutions from the get-go.

ID 460919

Tilmann Alexander Heydgen

Co-Founder @recorrido, background in Economics and Finance, WWU Münster, CSU Chico, @credit-suisse

ID 104897


Business developer and idea man behind @frontierre. Broad international experience in T&T sector. Curious reader and vivid traveller.

ID 138659

Ziya Cemre Kutluay

Idea farmer, team builder, co-founder.

ID 261860

Matheus Jacob

Serial entrepreneur and investment banking guy. Currently developing our start-up Envia Lá, selected by the global accelerator program Start-Up Chile.

ID 85531

Cristian Schalper

CEO and Co-Founder of GiveO2. IT Engineer. Involved in different University social and entrepreneurial projects.

ID 296345

Pablo Cappellini

Founder Orangutrans with background in Engineering, Green Tech and Sustainability

ID 273190

Anuj Arora

Founder, CTO @skybulls

ID 224890

Emanuel Sartor

Founder & CTO at @qonf • Founder @menttes • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba, Computer Analyst degree • Contributed to @plone

ID 33032

Manuel Pino

Founder @suipit. I founded @metrik 5 years ago and two companies more. Engineer. Professor at @university-of-chile (innovation). Father of two beautiful child

ID 291127

Félix Barros Ribalta

CEO & Co-founder of @fanear, Foursquare for music shows. Design Engineer - UTFSM, Web Designer - Mac Academy. Creative & strategist.

ID 339107

Patricio Vidal

Founder and CEO Junkstr and Co-Founder Doomos

ID 134256

Samuel Infante

Co-founder of @redvel (chilean software development company). Passionate about computers, the web and life experiences.

ID 657020

Balazs Zsedely

Founder of Ready // UI/UX designer // Hobbyist @ableton producer

ID 288718

Nicolas Rouanet

Founder @checkmykarma. Entrepreneurship background. Fond of wine, food and collaborative consumption.

ID 75259

Scott Thompson

Co-Founder of @bungolow. 1st-Generation Start-Up Chile Participant. Background in marketing (NASDAQ OMX). MBA 2009

ID 386387

Talento Al Aula

Founder Talento al Aula

ID 339046

Pablo Artigas

Founder of @gluh . Worked at @jpmorgan-chase. @startupchile 9th Generation.

ID 284514

Cristobal Asenjo

Founder @e-nterview, @salud-a-tu-medida • Currently in the Start-up Chile Accelerator based in Santiago.

ID 333980

Victor San Martin

Founder @kewen, @cakephp-1 evangelist.

ID 12279

Avinasha Shastry

Current: CTO at @supportbee Past: CTO at 99tests

ID 404359

Muriel Bourgeois

Ceo & Co-Founder, generadora de contenidos infantiles artísticos y educativos, tics, narradora.

ID 488663

Roger Robinson

Business Dev Manager at @latam-buses. Experience in eco-tourism industry in Latin America. Bus enthusiast. Southern Cone dweller.

ID 248674

Daniel Silva

Founder Cell Therapy • Worked at @pontificia-universidad-cat-lica-de-chile

ID 463980

Consuelo Pfeng

Bachelor in Business Administration. M.Sc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Founder of Belleza Interior.

ID 44655

Srinivasan Rangarajan

Worked on text analytics products at a startup called @serendio.

ID 209717

Hugo Campos

Co-Founder CTO @lexplique • Worked at @ibm • @startupchile alumni • Ruby/RoR/JS coder and SaaS World TA @edX-BerkeleyX

ID 334375

Hale Schneider

Founder FuturaPrep • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 47505

Youssef Chaker

Co-Founder and CTO at Jogabo. Varied web development and startup environment background as a Software Developer at @opensource-connections.

ID 329032

Sebastián Vargas

Civil Engineer, Entrepreneur and Founder of GamerDeal.TV

ID 306972

Lennart Sönke Ruff

CMO @recorrido • Worked at @amazon, @simon-kucher-partners-1 • Studied at @university-of-muenster-1

ID 314151

Juan Alejandro Contreras Levicoy

Founder and CEO of RetiDiag. Physician and PhD in Biomedical Sciences.

ID 379603

Ridha Azaiz

Founder Solarbrush

ID 237277

Everton Oliveira

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Grao. Strong advertising and marketing background. MBA in Business Management.

ID 80623

Cristian Miranda

Founder @CliveeoHQ, @finbooq • Worked at @kpmg, @banco-santander

ID 291323

Amit Sonawane

Aerospace engineer turned Digital & Growth Marketer| MBA | Chile | US | UK | India | Malaysia |

ID 329915

Nancy Bavestrello

Organic Chef & Entrepeneur, Startup out of School for Fine Arts & Social Media Management. Strong lenguaje and Public Relations skills.

ID 330124

Maria Ibáñez Brasó

Founder Awkan

ID 253511

Eduardo Escobar Umaña

CTO of @itplaydo • Work at @dentidesk • Studied at @university-of-chile, @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 294832

Franco Giaquinto

Entrepreneur & Business Student - Founder of a saas that evaluates manual labor workers´ soft skills and productivity. For any inquiries contact me.

ID 209394

Ben Waine

CTO of @recensus. First foray into startups after working at number of corporations (French Telecom, News Corp). Grad 1st Class Computing 2011.

ID 333311

Jorge Riquelme Cruz

Founder @mediotrabajo.

ID 234103

Andres Fontecilla

Worked at @banca-xpress

ID 85468

Joaquin Dufeu

Founder of GiveO2. Student of 6th year of Industrial Engineering with an IT major at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. National Score in PSU Math 2006.

ID 90236

Michael Green

Kiwi entrepreneur and creator of Day Zero Project. Currently living in Santiago de Chile.

ID 192584

Pratik Velani

Entrepreneur, Technology Evangelist, Programming Enthusiast, Co-founder of Nexustech Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd.

ID 341388


Founder LingoLink • @california-state-university-chico BA Communication Design Media Arts, focus Entrepreneurial Studies, bilingual, Web Design background

ID 200842

Raul Oviedo


Founder @tu-auto-al-click, Audit Car • Studied at @university-of-chile, @universidad-autonoma-metropolitana • Financial Engineer - Planning & Controller Diploma

ID 76001

Santiago Rodriguez

Cofounder at Lulo and, worked at .CO.

ID 301550

Pablo Branchi

Freelance iOS Developer. Master in Innovation Management, Computer Engineer. Founder

ID 513983

Marcelo Pisani

Founder BMatch • Studied at @universidad-de-los-andes-bogota-colombia

ID 326450

Herbert Schulz

Founder and CEO of Worked at @forexchile since foundation until September 2013.

ID 290736

William Tobar Argueta

Founder Turn It App! • Worked at @let-s-jock, @techo-nonprofit

ID 151839

Luis Javier Troncoso Toso

Studied at @duoc-uc

ID 347987

Arturo Coral Alamo

Passionate entrepreneur Adventurer Founder Singularity U finalist Leadership experience & consulting multinationals BI, CRM, GeoMarketing

ID 407807

Stefano Fenzo Rossi

Founder SlidePick • Studied at @universidad-del-pacifico

ID 49955

Mika Herrera

CEO at Apparel Dream Inc. Marketing and sales. Metric obsession. Lean startup lover.

ID 491221

Matías Halles

Technology Director at @Wikot • Founder at @Faqwomen • Founder at @iguols • Marketing Communications @universidad-del-pacifico • Geek at heart.

ID 110784

Patricio Pizarro Sandoval

CEO of @nube-cowork Founder @entree, @nube-cowork Special interest in technology, economy and music

ID 148044

Felipe Rodríguez

Founder & CEO of @deenty

ID 541856

Patricio Ibarra

MSc in Marketing and BSc in Business Administration

ID 100827

Angelo Palumbo

Director General @ @becube advertising & CrazyRabeat Night Groove. [email protected]

ID 164066

Sergio Ionele Povea

CEO & Founder at @launchcard

ID 185899

Sebastian Opazo Piper

Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 325292

Agustin Cox Correa

OziLAB Business Developer

ID 199935

Cristina Huidobro

ID 90655

Fran Culaciati

Journalist of

ID 314043

Max Findel

Founder of Brainshots. Helping StartUps develop their ideas while we develop their software. Rails power user and backend programmer.

ID 211202

Francisco Martinez

CEO, Founder @froof. Lean entrepreneur

ID 633354

Andres Groisman

Founder @noisegrasp. Industrial Engineer by design. Technology, Marketing and Analytics geek.

ID 177674

Fernando Mejia

Co-founder at @yourbany_info, 1st gen @Start-Up Chile. Mobile/web developer, Software Engineering and openSUSE ambassador. Working at @mapcity.

ID 314163

Pablo Castro Perez

Founder @rehapp

ID 152551

Sergio Calleja

DDS & MPH, @DrCalleja, Founder @MejorateChile, Strong health business background, Worked at public and private hospitals. Amateur Developer.

ID 42332

Jared Broad

Founder,, Implementing Partners Consulting. Biomedical Engineer

ID 397464

Salvador Cortés

Founder SocialMed • Studied at @university-of-santiago

ID 150319

Diego Rutllant

COO & Founder of @vlitzer. Law Student in Chile.

ID 394466

Ivonne Rodríguez Dinamarca

Founder SocialMed

ID 211262

Francisco Tacussis_arquitecto

ID 141642

Erik From

CEO and Founder of @Shoozeapp Business Administration student at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago Chile. Minor in Political Science.

ID 326942

Javier Vega Cifuentes

CEO of Bizconsulting. Industrial Engineer,Blogger, Innovator, Entrepreneur,Researcher and Learning Every Day.

ID 329853

Tomás Contreras

Co-Founder TodoSuma Ltda Senior Planning Analyst at Larrain Vial S.A Former CEO-Co-Founder of (today

ID 457798

Pablo Bleyer

Electron tamer - Bit tinkerer

ID 103587

Fernando Rojas Harnisch

Co-founder @Studio_Pangea. Founder @aulagamer. Recently speaker at @TEDxPatagonia. Gamer//Geek. Me encantan los videojuegos! :D

ID 65937

Guillermo Horno

Co-Founder of PropiedadFacil, Systems Engineer, web developer, geek and entrepreneur.

ID 410895

Pablo Vivanco

ID 166524

Mark Berger

Trend Scout | Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker | Data Driven | Lean Startuper | Startup Accelerant | Traveler | Skier | Swiss-Dutch

ID 314418

Emilio Tudela

CEO of Mediaweb Labs. UI/UX at Biciclista. Secondary Student.

ID 150834

Daniel Toso

Founder Up 2 Metors • Studied at @universidad-del-desarrollo

ID 393851

Asdrúbal Veloz Fariñas

Co-Founder of Minnd SpA • Studied at @universidad-tecnica-federico-santa-maria

ID 322072

Felipe Dides Cabrera

CEO of Wando, mobile app to share wishes and offers with others, favoring the relationship among people. Good handling of the lean start-up methodology

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