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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Santiago.

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ID 185075

Aljosha Novakovic

Founder of Medko, Connecting Patients to Doctors • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 132124

Cristina Palacios Goddard

Socia fundadora de @aventones.

ID 250752

Arie Rapaport

Stanford MS&E Master in Technology and Entrepreneurship, Esade MBA, UChile Electrical Engineer. Marketing, Business Development and Sales of Technology Products. Founded some companies, worked at startups and corporations. Worked at IBM, Americatel, Entel

ID 33087

Gert Findel

Founder of @acid-labs.

ID 100296

Alex Shoer

Founder of @seeder-cc, e8 Resources and @appjamm. Board member at Creative Word and Image and US-China Yachting. China Accelerator & Start-up Chile graduate.

ID 238200


Founder of several companies in the Auto-Id, Tourism and Social Media areas. Important International sales Background and Language proficiency.

ID 81896

Noah Aron

builder and climber of large things. CEO @trovali, • Director, Biz Dev @crowdflower • @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @hult-international-business-school

ID 60019

Karla Lopez

Especializada em matar um leão por dia Connector of dots

ID 253600

Ali Jabry

CEO of Tabacus Education Platform 1st SaaS startup. Strong Biz Dev background. Quadlingual and diverse international exposure. (Communication Major)

ID 188899

Ari Dukes

Founded Finciero • Works at @google, @kayak • Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @university-of-chile

ID 167861

Danilo Durazzo

Founder @Unicoapp @GFDD Group , @roundrate • Studied Economics at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 126286

Gael Guillet

Marketing guy @linkie. Repeat entrepreneur (@scribz, @walldress). Full-stack business developer and trilingual storyteller.

ID 184700

Alan Earle

Founder and CEO Manga Corta, Spreadshirt of LATAM. Founder of LaComparto, attract visits to you ecommerce through recommendations. Born to create.

ID 297605

Luis Ángel Henríquez de Juan

Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, PlayVox, Sales

ID 79232

Francisco Berroeta

B.S. Commercial Engineering - M.S. Marketing. +7 years of experience in retail companies, telecommunications and consumer needs. Co-Founder @williing @obzes-com @mentego

ID 173777

Alan Nudman

Founder Vendly • Worked at @telefonica • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 28598

Luis Gonzalez

Founder @interconnecta-1. Created startups in USA, UK, Japan, Chile. Ran lead generation for IBM, SAP, Oracle, @emc. B2B Tech Sales. US Marine Veteran. Love startup

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 94526

Jeremy Einhorn

COO of Koru. Lead sales associate at Medcan. Started PR firm that was acquired. Ran Canada's top biz plan comp. Business, @queen-s-university University.

ID 151814

Alan Strauss

CEO and Co-Founder @vendly • Board Director @ganeselo and @Puntopagos. Studied at @university-of-chile

ID 239746

Felipe del Sol F.

Co-Founder @admetricks • Worked at @ing • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 541856

Patricio Ibarra

MSc in Marketing and BSc in Business Administration

ID 431114

Jorge A. Dominguez P.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, working in what I like most. Right now, working on a new startup, “Dromos” a venue-driven navigation app.

ID 347987

Arturo Coral Alamo

Passionate entrepreneur Adventurer Founder Singularity U finalist Leadership experience & consulting multinationals BI, CRM, GeoMarketing

ID 276529

sebastian subercaseaux

CMM at Cuiker. Publicist, former Chief Marketing at Buscapé and Groupalia, passionate for small merchants advertising.

ID 303292

Matias Iordache

Many university projects, strong business background (industrial engineer), web development knowledge

ID 496335

Jake Strich

Adventurous, entrepreneurial, risk-taker. Working in Latin America via Start-up Chile. Cal Poly grad, June 2012.

ID 334375

Hale Schneider

Founder FuturaPrep • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 287879

Giorgio Piccoli

Specialties:Wholesale, Retail, Business Development, Sales, Accounting, Financial Modeling

ID 520625

Juan Pablo Lathrop

Google Sales Specialist. Strong MKT background, QUT MIT, Australia.

ID 317189

Daniel Lewinsohn

Founder Lynk s.a.

ID 147509

Javier Hasbun

Industrial Engineer from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, financial research thesis: first place in the ranking of master title in 2012 promotion, with a strong background in technological and innovation. Experienced and skilled in evaluating, planning and ex

ID 563724

Carolina Navarrete

Digital Cool Hunter

ID 113285

Camila Ascui

Ms in Science of Finance. Worked at Endeavor, accelerating high-impact entrepreneurs. Supported over 15 companies with strategic challenges! Natural networking

ID 596622

María Gabriela García

Professional with broad experience in education coordinating educational and extracurricular projects, performing research focused on continuous improvement.

ID 473325

Freddy Rodríguez

Me apasiona la tecnología, internet, marketing digital, analítica web, negocios online, open source, networking y el Social Business Intelligence.

ID 326946

Gustavo Kaiser

Co-Founder and CEO at @twimpi. 1st application in fast-events creation and management.

ID 130091

Ricardo Pinto

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at PlatSo.

ID 49955

Mika Herrera

CEO at Apparel Dream Inc. Marketing and sales. Metric obsession. Lean startup lover.

ID 326450

Herbert Schulz

Founder and CEO of Worked at @forexchile since foundation until September 2013.

ID 76001

Santiago Rodriguez

Cofounder at Lulo and, worked at .CO.

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