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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Santiago.

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ID 107247

Alec Manfre

Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology; Experience in Smart Grid, microelectronics, and human centered design. Front-end developer, with experience in ZigBee networking.

ID 106577

German Larrain

Founder & CTO of @lookup. Engineer PUC Chile 2011.

ID 49959

Jaime Oyarzun K.

Software Engineer at Welcu.

ID 250752

Arie Rapaport

Stanford MS&E Master in Technology and Entrepreneurship, Esade MBA, UChile Electrical Engineer. Marketing, Business Development and Sales of Technology Products. Founded some companies, worked at startups and corporations. Worked at IBM, Americatel, Entel

ID 213881

Matias Menafra

CTO at @medko

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 33879

Jacobo Pedrosa

Founder @lilymedia, @noituk

ID 53491

Luis Loaiza

Co-founder & CTO @ Criptext. Hacker and trouble maker.

ID 1497

Seba Gamboa

Natural Born Hacker. Founder and CTO of @welcu

ID 289359

Nicolas Bohorquez Gutierrez

Founder Oppten • Founder @Alephsa, Worked at @letmego Strong public policies and open source software background

ID 328577

Álvaro Serrano Musalem

Worked at @klooff ex-alumnus at @techstars NYC 2013 • Studied Electrical Engineering at @university-of-chile

ID 87256

Jay Prince

Accomplished engineer, autodidact, entrepreneur. Lately doing iOS development and building a scalable web platform in Erlang & Elixir.

ID 240296

Gustavo Avilés Segovia

Worked at @quantconnect • Studied at @university-of-chile

ID 178746

Andres Gottlieb

Co-Founder, Lead Developer & CTO @noisegrasp • Studied Computer Science • Worked at @microsoft & @cuponatic Co-Founded @vendly & @rescon

ID 33087

Gert Findel

Founder of @acid-labs.

ID 5614

Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @the-next-web. Judge @startupchile. @rockstart alumni.

ID 12426

Ernesto Tagwerker

Rubyist. Co-Founder @ombushop. Software Engineer. Co-Founded @aycron (2008)

ID 7731

Mauro Trigo

Co-founder @cityheroes, using technology to build safer cities. Co-founder @amerpages, America's largest businesses directories.

ID 100756

Carlos Rivera

Cofounder of PayAllies; Worked at HP Labs, Microsoft and Hydra-Tech.

ID 96561

Sebastián de la Fuente

CS Engineering drop out in my last year to focus all my energy on disrupting education. CTO at @edoome

ID 10225

dylan hassinger

Seasoned frontend developer with extra skills in product design, system architecture, growth hacking, and more. I am a well-rounded square.

ID 93109

Leonardo de la Fuente

CS & Engineering drop out in my last year to focus all my energy on disrupting education. CEO & founder of @edoome. @startupchile & @imagine-k12 alumnus.

ID 250797

Ben Bunk

Founded @stupil and @bakesale. 5+ years in @Scaling and @security for large scale websites. Expert @drupal.

ID 111024

Roberto Allende

Entrepreneur and Software Developer. Since 2004 I cofounded 3 companies where I was CEO or CTO and also I co-started and lead several non profit initiatives.

ID 317491

Fabio Cantoni

Co-Founder @tradegig • Studied at @university-mi-bicocca

ID 221746

Ignacio Romero Zurbuchen

UX Designer specialist and iOS/Mac developer for more than 6 years. B.A in communication, Interactive Media profile, UQAM.

ID 463808

Matteo Ruina

CTO @archon-drones | Almost full stack developer & devops

ID 105846

Luis Videla

Software Developer 15+ years experience. As entrepreneur co-Founder at KloudCatch, @i-meet & @pptvivo.

ID 108936

Frederico Skwara

Founder @streetinvestor, @goingtalk

ID 59669

Hank Ryan Thompson

CEO/Co-Founder of @knowledgestreem. Electrical engineer & veteran software developer. Previously managed sales & marketing technical operations for @granicus Inc.

ID 185335

Pradeep Kumar

Founder, @paceable • Founded @foodkhoj, final year of college • Worked at @jobaphiles (@dreamit Ventures 2009), sophomore year of college

ID 316891

Sebastían Vera Alvear

An enthusiastic entrepreneur who really likes to code and loves learning about it. Passionate about everything related to Web Development, and mobile applications.

ID 387643

Ali Smith

Founder @owlr • Studied at @harvard-law-school, @university-of-florida

ID 169949

Dan Beaulieu

Co-founder @kuotus • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst • Software and Product Development • Tech Leadership

ID 72344

John Anderson

Founder and CTO at EventRay

ID 53647

Ian Ozsvald

Artificial Intelligence researcher in industry, CEO @strongsteam, author of High Performance Python and The Screencasting Handbook

ID 134515

Rafael Vidaurre

Web Developer & Entrepreneur, Passionate about creating something people can value.

ID 315553

Humberto Moreira

Co-founder & CEO at @wanna-migrate-1

ID 313863

Rodrigo Fuenzalida Cabeza

Founder Finciero

ID 109453

Michael McCabe

Co-founder SimpleCrew - currently in Start Up Chile - former Seattle Techstars Hackstar

ID 163688

George Cadena

Founder @studiosnaps-1 • Bell Labs Fellow • Worked at @exponent, AT&T Labs, Bell Labs • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 344301

Rodrigo Alonso

Founder and CEO at FlierWall. Engineer, seasoned developer,former CEO Microsoft Chile, serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits and 2 failures.

ID 246429

Rodolfo Berríos

Founder of Junkstr and Chevereto.

ID 40796

Carlos Yakimov

Systems architect, cloud computing, APIs, startups. Simple solutions for complex problems.

ID 53449

David F Chang

Founder of Dromos, IDEA Network, Inventio, Hakken. Innovation Development Consultant. Graduate from @university-of-queensland, @university-of-new-orleans

ID 191008

Peter Newhook

Co-founder in the 5th wave of Start-Up Chile. Runner. Above-median.

ID 190848

Sergio Toro

Founder @meetapp, Elysiums • Worked at @multimedial, @bbr-mobile • Studied at @university-of-santo-tomas, @duoc-uc

ID 71348

Tiago Pais

CTO and Chief Winemaker at @Easy Vino

ID 205578

Balaraman Lakshmanan

Founder of Crispify. Entrepreneur, Video & Audio codecs development & optimisation, ARM processor programmer, Video editor, Creative blogger.

ID 397783

Pedro Santiago

Founder @yoozon, @lab28. Studied at @ibmec. Full Stack Developer and passionate entrepeneur.

ID 463029

Gadiel Stern

Founder Alfombra Mágica • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 224890

Emanuel Sartor

Founder & CTO at @qonf • Founder @menttes • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba, Computer Analyst degree • Contributed to @plone

ID 106901

Henry Bravo

Developer @ Founder of @studio-bravo-com. Mechanical Engineer, Pregrade Professor in Visual Arts & Design

ID 365662

Cristian Elgueta

CD at Cuiker. Engineer, seasoned Chief Developer and IT platform. Hacker on my own.

ID 109808

Kyran Dale

PhD from University of Sussex. Co-founded @showmedo-com (educational videos for Open-source software) and (AI as a web-service).

ID 192006

Bruno Lima

Big Data, crawler and scrapper specialist Founder and CTO @ WannaMigrate Co-Founder @ Masters in Computer Science by PUC-Rio

ID 255497

A. Felipe Cabargas

CS Student at UTFSM; Co-Founder of Squape; Rails Frontend Boss

ID 111524

Emily Toop

Mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Currently in Chile as part of @startupchile with my new startup @tinyearstech.

ID 406437

Leandro Ostera

Director of Engineering @HabeasCorp. Frmr Web Engineer @clevertech. #JavaScripter. #UNIX philosopher.

ID 111521

Chris Lukic

Founder of Smashrun and NYonTap. 14yrs of programming experience. Engineered senior management dashboards & trading systems for JPMorgan, Chase, Merrill Lynch.

ID 273190

Anuj Arora

Founder, CTO @skybulls

ID 112110

Alex Hughson

A programmer from the @university-of-waterloo. Built web tools at DossierView, @university-of-waterloo, and Innovasium Inc.

ID 209717

Hugo Campos

Co-Founder CTO @lexplique • Worked at @ibm • @startupchile alumni • Ruby/RoR/JS coder and SaaS World TA @edX-BerkeleyX

ID 560129

Maximiliano Hernández

Worked at @joldit

ID 363931

Ivan Kruze

CTO of Uanbai, platform that enables one click purchases in Social Networks, founder of Tridente and Strategica TI, Computer Science Engineer (UACh) 2005

ID 47505

Youssef Chaker

Co-Founder and CTO at Jogabo. Varied web development and startup environment background as a Software Developer at @opensource-connections.

ID 325292

Agustin Cox Correa

OziLAB Business Developer

ID 333980

Victor San Martin

Founder @kewen, @cakephp-1 evangelist.

ID 423042

José Miguel Aguilar Muñoz

Software Engineer at @crowdsourced-testing-company

ID 12279

Avinasha Shastry

Current: CTO at @supportbee Past: CTO at 99tests

ID 134256

Samuel Infante

Co-founder of @redvel (chilean software development company). Passionate about computers, the web and life experiences.

ID 192584

Pratik Velani

Entrepreneur, Technology Evangelist, Programming Enthusiast, Co-founder of Nexustech Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd.

ID 66321

Franco Zuccar

Software engineer

ID 116976

Eugenio Costa

Computación (Ruby y Rails en particular), literatura y deportes.

ID 243826

Patricio López

Skilled Web Developer, Good Knowledge of Amazon AWS Infrastructure

ID 546091

Rodrigo Gadea

Comp. Statistician with 13 years experience on software design, sysadmin, and dev-ops. Current focus on designing and implementing RESTful web services (APIs).

ID 90236

Michael Green

Kiwi entrepreneur and creator of Day Zero Project. Currently living in Santiago de Chile.

ID 162992

Amit Upadhyay

IIT Bombay Graduate, Full stack generalist, launched a funded web startup.

ID 77846

Nestor Campos

Master student at Andres Bello University. IT consultant for 4 years. Strong technologies and business background.

ID 575733

Alejandro Moënne

Worked at @seeder-cc • Studied at @federico-santa-maria-technical-university

ID 209394

Ben Waine

CTO of @recensus. First foray into startups after working at number of corporations (French Telecom, News Corp). Grad 1st Class Computing 2011.

ID 313834

Gonzalo Henríquez

Tratando de mejorar el mundo, una línea de código a la vez

ID 253511

Eduardo Escobar Umaña

CTO of @itplaydo • Work at @dentidesk • Studied at @university-of-chile, @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 581358

Rodrigo Doria Medina

Software Engineer, Master's Degree in Information Systems and Human Media Interaction. Vast international experience

ID 50458

Gustavo Veloso

BSc, Information Systems. Specialist, Software Engineering; CTO at @streetinvestor. Worked at DeskMetrics and Capgemini.

ID 170137

Camila Fisher Rijo

Worked at @learning-shift-1 • Studied at @universidad-del-pacifico

ID 314043

Max Findel

Founder of Brainshots. Helping StartUps develop their ideas while we develop their software. Rails power user and backend programmer.

ID 653991

Ian Murray

Senior Software Engineer, Computer Scientist, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS and iOS Developer.

ID 113127

Olaf Erlandsen

ID 491221

Matías Halles

Technology Director at @Wikot • Founder at @Faqwomen • Founder at @iguols • Marketing Communications @universidad-del-pacifico • Geek at heart.

ID 290736

William Tobar Argueta

Founder Turn It App! • Worked at @let-s-jock, @techo-nonprofit

ID 324685

Roberto Arce

ID 328194

Nicolás Alliende

Industrial engineer, CTO of Sangha

ID 462350

Benjamín Silva Herrera

Ingeniero Informático de profesión, desarrollador de aplicaciones web y móvil. Creador de la App Alcotest Chile. CTO en

ID 310106

Denis Fuenzalida

10+ years of web app development experience using Java and other web related technologies and frameworks. Knowledgeable on different industries.

ID 177674

Fernando Mejia

Co-founder at @yourbany_info, 1st gen @Start-Up Chile. Mobile/web developer, Software Engineering and openSUSE ambassador. Working at @mapcity.

ID 303292

Matias Iordache

Many university projects, strong business background (industrial engineer), web development knowledge

ID 591687

Danilo Alejandro Velasquez Urrutia

Extensive knowledge in J2EE in Financial enviroments, looking for an Angel to fund a Startup focused in people.

ID 314163

Pablo Castro Perez

Founder @rehapp

ID 321654

joaquin aldunate

Freelance designer-inventor

ID 302693

Carlos Betancourt Carrero

Systems engineer with strong knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML and CSS.

ID 80548

Jose Almenarez

Working at @trabajandocl

ID 608755

Walter Fariña

Cofounder of Gurube. 3 years RoR lover. Startup and Agile methodologies applied.

ID 569902

Rodrigo Parada

Software Engineer. Big Data and Machine Learning Experience

ID 334306

Carolina Cáceres

Enthusiastic about learning new languages and techniques, organized, quick learner, efficient in back-end development

ID 59912

Cristhoper Jaña Iturra

Software Engineer. B Sc Electronics Engineering at UTFSM.

ID 333975

Ruben Torres

Worked at @talaentia-llc

ID 393851

Asdrúbal Veloz Fariñas

Co-Founder of Minnd SpA • Studied at @universidad-tecnica-federico-santa-maria

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