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ID 575733

Alejandro Moënne

Worked at @seeder-cc • Studied at @federico-santa-maria-technical-university

ID 161574

Dani Duarte

ID 329853

Tomás Contreras

Co-Founder TodoSuma Ltda Senior Planning Analyst at Larrain Vial S.A Former CEO-Co-Founder of (today

ID 65937

Guillermo Horno

Co-Founder of PropiedadFacil, Systems Engineer, web developer, geek and entrepreneur.

ID 302693

Carlos Betancourt Carrero

Systems engineer with strong knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML and CSS.

ID 316480

Levent Y. İnce

Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer. Working with a variety of clients since 2007. MFA on Cultural and Media Studies.

ID 544641

Diego Lacámara

ID 405621

Thomas Persais

Founder and Front End Developer @revstr

ID 313863

Rodrigo Fuenzalida Cabeza

Founder Finciero

ID 96955

Vicente Yarad Luco

Nixter CXO and Co-founder, CS student at RMIT University

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 140211

Evan Shoemaker

Co-Founder of @student-loan-hero

ID 397783

Pedro Santiago

Founder @yoozon, @lab28. Studied at @ibmec. Full Stack Developer and passionate entrepeneur.

ID 10225

dylan hassinger

Seasoned frontend developer with extra skills in product design, system architecture, growth hacking, and more. I am a well-rounded square.

ID 409449

Henrique Bejgel

Founder Splitplay • Worked at @21212-accelerator • Studied at @puc-rio-1

ID 415950

alvaro tomas parrague ayala

Founder @tutanda

ID 213881

Matias Menafra

CTO at @medko

ID 277101

Mauricio Schneider Rivera

Senior web developer at @crowdsourced-testing-company

ID 33879

Jacobo Pedrosa

Founder @lilymedia, @noituk

ID 643348

Sebastián González

ID 106577

German Larrain

Founder & CTO of @lookup. Engineer PUC Chile 2011.

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