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ID 415950

alvaro tomas parrague ayala

Founder @tutanda

ID 280137

Daniela Skármeta

Designer at @startupchile

ID 405621

Thomas Persais

Founder and Front End Developer @revstr

ID 10225

dylan hassinger

Seasoned frontend developer with extra skills in product design, system architecture, growth hacking, and more. I am a well-rounded square.

ID 96955

Vicente Yarad Luco

Nixter CXO and Co-founder, CS student at RMIT University

ID 94908


Founder @targeter-app & @hogar-impeque • Formerly first employee @wingify • Previously started an ecommerce business.

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. 2 time travel-tech entrepreneur. Former mgmt consultant. Travel nerd with a business background.

ID 120573

Filippo Schiano di Pepe


Co founder @cocontest I am an architect,3d printing & Internet of things. My goal is make the technology and new service affordable and accessible for all

ID 316480

Levent Y. İnce

Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer. Working with a variety of clients since 2007. MFA on Cultural and Media Studies.

ID 296077

Cristian Ferrari

Founder of Volta and co-founder of Rhyboo. Lead interface & interaction designer & front-end developer.

ID 107999

Leo Prieto

Currently CXO and Founder @betazeta. Founder of @FayerWayer, most influential blog in spanish. First startup @imagemaker out of high school at age 15 in 1996.

ID 297263

Sergio Del Río Díaz

Passionate about technology and design, hard worker. Studies: Exponential Technologies (NASA), Design:(ITESM and IED). Founded 3 companies and 3 social projects

ID 313253

Saurabh Mathur

Co-Founder/CEO at Motorpaneer. Ex @slideshare, @webchutney. Previously founded Noobjob Interactive and Co-founded Hash Include

ID 117751

David Kadavy


Author of Design for Hackers (Debuted at #18 on @amazon) Mentor at 500 Startups. Changing the way you see design.

ID 313592

Raphael P.M. Lang

Founder @babybe, Winner Fujitsu Design Award, TEDx Stuttgart Speaker, Advisor: Daimler, Roche Diagnostics, Trumpf [email protected]

ID 221746

Ignacio Romero Zurbuchen

UX Designer specialist and iOS/Mac developer for more than 6 years. B.A in communication, Interactive Media profile, UQAM.

ID 243808

Javiera Cruzat

Worked at @arriendas

ID 431114

Jorge A. Dominguez P.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, working in what I like most. Right now, working on a new startup, “Dromos” a venue-driven navigation app.

ID 24070

Patrick Dugan

Fmr. Game Designer at Crowdstar, Vostu; Co-founder, Playhopper, Play This Thing!

ID 86318

Cristian Ocampo

Founder&Pleisman @pleisment, a marketing platform that helps brands to reach segmented audiences through social networks influencers

ID 250752

Arie Rapaport

Stanford MS&E Master in Technology and Entrepreneurship, Esade MBA, UChile Electrical Engineer. Marketing, Business Development and Sales of Technology Products. Founded some companies, worked at startups and corporations. Worked at IBM, Americatel, Entel

ID 315536

Robert O'Shaughnessy

Founded Reverbeo. Has a history of successful small startups.

ID 164066

Sergio Ionele Povea

CEO & Founder at @launchcard

ID 477067

David Castellanos

Founder @videoglitch • Studied at @universidad-externado-de-colombia. Journalist 2.0

ID 209427

Javiera R. Benavente

AI/UI/UX, Visual Design & Front End Development @lookup

ID 314418

Emilio Tudela

CEO of Mediaweb Labs. UI/UX at Biciclista. Secondary Student.

ID 113591

Ramiro Tenorio

CEO, specialized in online video solutions from the get-go.

ID 521877

Felipe Chaparro

Worked at @ingennia-spa

ID 473811

Rodrigo Araya Salas

ID 321654

joaquin aldunate

Freelance designer-inventor

ID 273190

Anuj Arora

Founder, CTO @skybulls

ID 313834

Gonzalo Henríquez

Tratando de mejorar el mundo, una línea de código a la vez

ID 613380

Christian Pino

UI/UX Designerd

ID 462487

Alberto Martin

Industrial Designer at @apix-hive

ID 227022

Maureen Kerwin

Human-Computer Interaction Master from University of Michigan with background in UX research and design. Worked with Android at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

ID 302693

Carlos Betancourt Carrero

Systems engineer with strong knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML and CSS.

ID 341388


Founder LingoLink • @california-state-university-chico BA Communication Design Media Arts, focus Entrepreneurial Studies, bilingual, Web Design background

ID 407807

Stefano Fenzo Rossi

Founder SlidePick • Studied at @universidad-del-pacifico

ID 322072

Felipe Dides Cabrera

CEO of Wando, mobile app to share wishes and offers with others, favoring the relationship among people. Good handling of the lean start-up methodology

ID 255497

A. Felipe Cabargas

CS Student at UTFSM; Co-Founder of Squape; Rails Frontend Boss

ID 643348

Sebastián González

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